Freight Forwarding Created For You

At International Cargo Express, we’ve never been satisfied with the norm. That’s why we only offer Integrated Forwarding solutions that are customised to suit the needs of individual customers.

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Ronald Spahr, Managing Director

Our customised transport arrangement aim to meet all of your important purchasing criteria. Your schedules drive our solutions!

Logistics are always complex, but over our 24 years, ICE has developed long-standing alliances and networks to build an infrastructure that make our services, reliable, flexible and consistent and as we are truly independent, thus our “best price policy” has been proven again and again.

What’s more, the decades of experience shared by our loyal personnel mean we have the capacity to make the right decision for you – fast.

We also hold dear the traditional values of good communication and transparency. So, you’re free to get on with running your business, but never left out of the loop. Call us on 1300 CARGO1 to experience good service.

Latest Freight-Forwarding News

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Experts expect the world’s container ship fleet to make a dramatic switch to liquefied natural gas (LNG) as their main fuel source in the coming years. The change has been prompted by a recent agreement on stricter emissions regulations as …

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Clear communication is a must in business, but especially so in importing and exporting. Confusion causes chaos, and chaos usually means delayed delivery, extra costs and a host of other potential consequences. Perhaps the most critical issue that needs to …

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Every importer and exporter knows that they face a certain amount of risk. Even over relatively short distances, incidents and accidents can always occur that may not only see some of the goods in transit damaged, but perhaps the whole …

About International Cargo Express.

International Cargo Express are leaders in the field of global supply chain management solutions. With over 20 years of global logistics experience, ICE is committed to providing dedicated, personalised service.

Entirely Australian-owned, International Cargo Express offers flexible services in air & sea freight forwarding and shipping, project transport services, logistics and supply chain management, tailored to your business.

ICE Global Services

To meet your exact cargo and transportation needs, ICE provides a range of integrated global logistics and supply chain solutions that include:

All business is undertaken subject to ICE's Standard Conditions of Contract, which may limit or exclude the Company's liability and contain warranties and/or indemnities benefiting the Company, copies of which are available from this website, here, and/or upon request.