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ISPM15 - Solid Wood Packaging Country Implementation Dates

The ISPM-15 document lists proposed country implementation dates of the 'International Standard for Phytosanitary Measures (ISPM 15): Guidelines for Regulating Wood Packaging Material in International Trade' for exports containing wood packing material.

Please note this information is provided as a guide only. Individual country implementation dates may change without notice and it is the responsibility of the exporter to comply with importing country requirements at the time of export. Exporters are advised to discuss importing country requirements with their designated importers.

The Australian Wood Packaging Certification Scheme Register lists all treatment providers and wooden packaging manufacturers who are certified under the Australian Wood Packaging Certification Scheme (AWPCS).

Australian Packing Declarations

Download a PDF version Annual Packing Declaration

Download a PDF version Single Packing Declaration

Packing Declarations are an essential tool for sourcing barrier information in relation to imported containerised cargo consignments. Packing declarations have replaced the requirements for shipping companies to provide quarantine codes on manifests and/or bills of lading. The Department of Agriculture and Water Resources has provided a general instruction to the Australian Chamber of Shipping (ACOS) that Quarantine Codes no longer need to be provided.

The Department of Agriculture and Water Resources, through the issuance of this instruction, has placed the requirements for reporting barrier concerns back onto the actual importer. The importer/importers representative must ensure that correct and concise barrier information is provided for ALL containerised cargo consignments. This barrier information is usually presented as a packing declaration. This requirement has been in place for FCLs for some time.

Changes for LCL Requirements

Packing declarations, similar to those currently mandatory for FCL containers will become mandatory for all LCL consignments arriving after 1 November 2002 (see attached packing declaration).

An example of an acceptable packing declaration can be found in Attachment 1. This example shows those fields that are mandatory for such documents.

Packing declarations must be provided by the supplier or packer of the goods.

Treatment Requirements for LCL Cargo

The requirement that all LCL wooden packing must be treated by a Department of Agriculture and Water Resources approved method was implemented for all shipments from 2 April 2001.

Wooden packing utilised in LCL consignments should be treated using any of the options available for wooden packing in FCL consignments. The most up to date information on acceptable treatments for wooden packing can be found in the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources publication "Cargo Containers - Quarantine aspects and procedures". Information on both permanent (such as CCA) and non-permanent treatments (such as fumigation) is included in Appendix I and II of the publication. Please refer to the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources website.

Treatment options for wood packaging include:

  • Fumigation
  • Heat Treatment
  • Kiln Drying
  • Permanent Timber Preservation

Numerical link

It is essential that packing declarations and treatment certificates be directly related to an LCL consignment.

Numerical links will be acceptable on either document in formats such as:

  • a bill of lading number
  • marks and numbers
  • a commercial invoice number
  • a packing list number
  • a container number

Please note that amount of packages or weights does not constitute a numerical link

Questions and Answers

What happens if my goods aren't treated when they arrive in Australia?

If a valid treatment certificate does not accompany shipments containing timber or timber packaging, the consignment will be directed for inspection and possibly treatment, destruction or re-export from Australia.

What happens if my goods are not accompanied by a packing declaration?

If a valid packing declaration does not accompany an LCL consignment, the consignment will be directed to The Department of Agriculture and Water Resources for an inspection to verify whether or not wooden packing and/or bark and straw are present. This will be a fee-for-service activity and further action may be required depending on the items found.

Which treatment options are available for LCL consignments?

All treatment options approved for wooden packing in FCL containers are available for LCL packing. Treatment options include fumigation, permanent immunisation and heat treatment.

What happens if I do not provide the correct documentation?

In the case where correct documents are not presented for shipments, the broker in Australia lodging the customs entry for the goods will be required to refer the entry to The Department of Agriculture for further action.

Annual Packing Declarations

Annual Packing Declarations may be utilised by companies who consistently use the same packing source or supplier and use the same packing materials. The concessions granted through the use of annual packing declarations are intended to reduce the need for importer's agents to have in their possession a unique packing declaration for every container or consignment of containerised cargo.

Annual packing declarations are issued for a period of one year, from the date of signature of the packer/supplier on the declaration. If a packer wishes to continue this arrangement beyond one year the importer must reapply to The Department of Agriculture and Water Resources after the twelve month period. Brokers/registered owners of goods using this arrangement are encouraged to renew annual FCL packing declarations prior to the date of expiry of their current declaration to avoid problems which could occur as a result of outdated and unacceptable declarations.

Penalties apply to Importers and Brokers who fail to declare information to the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources. Penalties may include delays in processing, increased surveillance of cargo and fines.

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