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Find out the Benefits of Becoming a Known Consignor

What’s a Known Consignor?

If you read our recent article on air cargo security you may have noticed mention of Known Consignors. Known Consignors are able to export air cargo from Australia without further examination prior to export. They are eligible to issue their own Security Declarations and avoid X-ray and inspection fees that come with exporting airfreight under new security regulations. 

Known Consignors must meet and maintain a high level of security to ensure cargo is safe to load on to an aircraft. 

As there are no fees to become a Known Consignor, if you export regularly, applying to become a Known Consignor could be of substantial benefit.  

Who is Eligible to Apply?

For eligibility to the Known Consignor scheme your business must:

  • Export cargo from Australia by air
  • Have an Australian Business Number (ABN) or Australian Company Number (ACN)
  • Originate the cargo and know what is in each box, package or carton being exported and meet one of the following: 
    • Your business makes, manufactures, assembles, or otherwise produces goods to be transported for export by aircraft as cargo. For example, you may export meat or fresh fruit as air cargo.
    • Your business is the owner or person in control of the goods when they become cargo ready for export by air. For example, you might package goods into boxes and cartons and then consolidate these into a consignment on a pallet at your facilities from goods made elsewhere.

The Process of Applying

To apply you can visit the Department of Home affairs and complete an application form.

The application form includes a series of questions about your security measures, to ensure you can meet the requirements of the scheme. The department may also wish to inspect your site prior to approval. Thereafter confirmation of your status will be issued within 90 days and will last between 1 and 5 years. 

Your Obligations

Once approval is received you have several obligations you must meet to maintain your Known Consignor status.

You must:

  • Comply with a Known Consignor Security Program provided by the Department of Home Affairs 
  • Protect the security of air cargo that originates from your business until the air cargo is provided to another regulated business
  • Only issue a Security Declaration in relation to cargo you originate
  • Provide your employees with ongoing security awareness training
  • Be subject to periodic compliance checks by the Department

Known Consignor Security Program

The Known Consignor Security Program sets out the security requirements all Known Consignors must comply with. This includes requirements for:

  • Security of facilities
  • Security of personnel
  • Training for personnel
  • Clearing cargo
  • Ensuring the chain of custody for cargo
  • Oversight of the measures, procedures and requirements listed above

Your Known Consignor Security Program must list all sites where you will be originating Known Consignor air cargo.

Your Known Consignor Security Program remains in force for as long as your business is approved as a Known Consignor. However, be warned, failure to comply with your obligations can result in Known Consignor approval being revoked.

    One Last Thought

    If exporting via airfreight is a significant part of your business, the Known Consignor Scheme could be for you. 

    If you are unsure whether this process would work for you, contact the ICE team on 1300 CARGO1. Our experienced team are on hand for help and advice about Air Cargo Security and the Known Consignor Scheme. 

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