When importing or exporting, having an experienced customs broker to support your business is an absolute must.

A great customs broker ensures your shipment enters or exits the country whilst complying to a complex system of rules and regulations. At ICE, our in-house customs brokers specialise in providing comprehensive advice to manage your consignment whilst ensuring absolute compliance and customs clearance.

No matter the stage of your project, ICE is equipped with the expertise to support heavy and bulk cargo.

  • Calculating what duties and taxes are payable on your import (including how to get a refund of paid customs duty);
  • Interpreting Harmonised System Codes to ensure your goods are correctly classified;
  • Understanding what tariffs are applicable to your goods and utilising Australia’s free trade agreements;
  • Preparing and submitting import declarations to government agencies (making sure your good are legally allowed to enter the country); and
  • Keeping you up to date on your customs clearance time
Our comprehensive Customs Clearance and Consultancy service covers:
  • Import and export clearance through all ports and airports in Australia
  • Electronic clearance while goods are in transit
  • Comprehensive documentation review
  • Tariff, tax, and duty advice
  • Consultancy of seasonal biosecurity regulations.

Whether you are a regular importer, or new to shipping, having an experienced customs broker on hand allows you to focus on your business with peace of mind.

Working with ICE, our clients benefit from:


Transparent advice from highly trained, licensed professionals.


Time savings benefits backed by an efficient and responsive service.


A customised approach to business that looks specifically at opportunities for each client.


Access to a range of services from tariff advice and consultancy (inc. import permits and biosecurity regulations.)

Our Customs manager is a recognised finalist in the customs broker awards, giving you reassurance that working with ICE you have access to best-in-class customs brokerage to support with your shipping and import customer clearance.

Whether you are searching for a customs broker in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane or Perth our knowledge is on hand.

Did You Know?

Our Sydney & Melbourne Warehouses are Bonded

Both our Sydney & Melbourne branches offer bonded warehouses (warehouses that are licensed by the government to accept imported goods for storage until the customs duty is paid). These warehouses can offer you peace of mind that your goods are safe, while customs formalities have been arranged.

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