We offer in-house Customs Clearance & Consultancy

Customs legislation is constantly changing which is why you need an informed team that can ensure your business stays compliant.

Delays in customs clearance can prolong the timeframe of your shipment and add unnecessary costs. By using our in-house customs clearance and consultancy team we can help clear your goods through ports and airports before arrival as well as managing tariffs, taxes and duty exposure for your benefit.

Our customs team have more than 100 years’ combined experience in the industry. We’ve also forged long lasting relationships with reliable international partners. They work hand in hand with our in-house team to deliver efficient freight forwarding solutions that work in your favour.

Our team can help you with:
  • Tariff reductions – we organize your tariff advice rulings and tariff concession applications so you know you’re never paying more than you need to
  • Free Trade Agreement and preference advice
  • Duty and GST refunds
  • Duty drawbacks and tradex advice on imported goods for re-export
  • Advice on GST exemptions, deferral and rulings
  • Department of Agriculture and Water Resources Permit Applications
  • Landed costings on clearances
  • Temporary imports and carnet shipments
  • Import documentation audits
  • Advice on labelling, copyright and trademark issues

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Our comprehensive Customs Clearance and Consultancy service covers:
  • Import and export clearance through all ports and airports in Australia
  • Electronic clearance while goods are in transit
  • Comprehensive documentation review
  • Tariff, tax, and duty advice

How We Work With You

  • 1 Consult
  • 2 Plan
  • 3 Deliver