Protect Your Cargo From Loss, Damage or Theft

Marine Insurance covers the loss, damage or theft of goods in transit, including any storage points between points of origin and final destination. During any one shipment your freight is handled multiple times and deciding to insure your goods will protect you from potential damages, cost and even total loss.

At ICE, we can manage marine insurance so your goods are covered during every step of the journey.

shipping container damage
cargo loss

Insurance will cover your cargo for a full range of risks, no matter the destination. Each policy is unique, tailored to address the specific risks involved and includes all necessary extensions to ensure you are fully covered.

Please be advised that we offer marine insurance as a subsidiary service to our shipping and Customs/Quarantine clearance service only.

In other words, we are not a marine insurance agent/broker and we only arrange marine insurance as requested on freight that we arrange.

Marine Insurance can cover all types of commodities including:
  • Dry goods
  • Chemical & pharmaceutical products
  • Grains / fertilisers
  • Ferrous & non-ferrous metals
  • Foodstuffs, including temperature controlled and perishable goods
  • Containers
  • Project cargo