• Importing from the US into Australia: The Ultimate Guide

    We uncover the Top 10 imports from the US into Australia, the most cost-effective shipping methods and the Australia-US Free Trade Agreement.
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  • Your Shipping Quote: A Break Down of All Sea Freight Costs

    Learn exactly what sea freight costs are contained in your shipping quote from your freight forwarder.
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  • Stevedores in Port Terminals: Understanding Their Role in Getting Your Cargo Delivered

    Stevedores are people who work on docks, primarily unloading and loading ships. They also conduct various other duties across docks.
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  • Concealed Freight Damage: What to Do When Your Shipment Is Damaged on the Inside

    Concealed freight damage is damaged cargo that is discovered once the cargo has arrived, and after it has been declared damage-free by a proof of d...
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  • Importing from India to Australia: Ultimate Guide + India Top Commodities

    Learn what the Indian market can offer, its key imports and how you can ship your goods to and from India from Australia.
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