• sulphur emission from cargo ship

    Low Sulphur In Shipping: How The IMO 2020 Regulation Impacts You [Updated]

    In response to the demand for ever greener and cleaner shipping, the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) developed a binding global Sulp...
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  • US China Trade War

    Uncovering The US-China Trade War In 2020 (And The Impact On Shipping)

    As an importer or exporter, you have likely heard of the ongoing US-China trade war. As each country takes measures to recover export deficits, two...
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  • What Is A Telex Release? Meaning and Differences Between Bill Of Lading

    A Telex Release is a message sent by a cargo agent at a port of origin to a port at the final destination of a shipment. A Telex Release signals th...
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  • freight planning warehouse office

    How to Plan Your Freight with Changing Timelines

    Planning freight movement around your purchase or sale is a fundamental part of the supply chain. This includes deciding whether air or sea freight...
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  • packing list

    Packing List in Shipping: All You Need to Know [+Template]

    A packing list outlines the details of your freight, typically describing how a shipment is packed, the detail of the weight, as well as the dimens...
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