• money handling - gst deferrals on cash flow

    How GST Deferrals will Benefit your Cash Flow when Importing into Australia

    When importing your goods through a freight forwarder, you typically have to pay Goods and Services Tax (GST) at the time the goods enter the count...
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  • first shipment checklist blog

    Your First Shipment Checklist – The Importer’s Starter Pack

    Organising your first shipment with ICE does take some initial preparation but once we receive all the information and documentation we require, we...
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  • woman handling money for GST deferrals

    Australia’s Top 10 Imports and Exports: Where Does Your Industry Sit?

    International trade is integral to Australia’s economy and especially to the shipping and logistics industry.  Australia enjoys the bene...
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  • How To Source International Suppliers And Partners From Australia

    How To Source International Suppliers And Partners From Australia

    If you’re looking for information on how to source international suppliers and partners, this page is the right place. We’ll provide yo...
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  • Buyer’s Consolidation or Segregation blog featured image

    Buyer’s Consolidation or Segregation: The Most Effective way of Shipping Cargo

    Buyer’s consolidation is a method of shipping freight from a point of origin to an end destination by grouping your shipments together into o...
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