• UK and EU flags

    What Brexit Means for UK Importers and Exporters?

    An overview of the new UK-EU Agreement, and some of the changes you should be aware of when organising a shipment to and from the UK.
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  • The Shipping Industry Chaos Unveiled What is Really Going On In Australia and Across the World

    The Shipping Industry Chaos Unveiled: What is Really Going On In Australia and Across the World?

    Understand how the pandemic in association with other factors are severely disrupting supply chains in Australia and worldwide.
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  • CoR is Here to Stay: Why You Need to Comply with The Chain of Responsibility

    CoR refers to a national law that makes the compliance of heavy vehicle safety law a shared responsibility between all parties in the supply chain.
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  • australian coast city

    How Coastal Shipping Can Reduce Your Transport Costs within Australia

    Over three quarters of our population live on the coast. Despite this, only a fraction of our domestic freight is transported via coastal shipping....
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  • Customs Clearance

    The 7 Most Common Issues in Customs Clearance that You Should Know

    Customs clearance can be a minefield for both importers and exporters. Ranging from unexpected fees and the misclassification of cargo to complicat...
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