• Cargo workers reading cargo containers information

    Here Is What Happens When You Don’t Label Your Cargo Correctly

    Correctly labelling your cargo with the appropriate marks and numbers can ensure that your shipment proceeds smoothly.
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  • Switch Bills of Lading: When to Use Them (+ Their Risks)

    A switch bill is simply a second bill of lading that replaces the first BoL. A switch bill’s details differ from other BoL's in order to disguise t...
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  • What’s The Difference Between a Customs Broker vs Freight Forwarder?

    While freight forwarders handle the transport of goods, a customs broker deals with the entry of goods at the point of customs.
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  • cargo container collapse on cargo boat

    VGM: What is it? And How Exporters and Importers Can Accurately Confirm It

    Verified Gross Mass, or VGM, is the combined weight of a container, including its bracing and dunnage (i.e. the items used to strap the cargo into ...
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  • Biosecurity in Australia The Complete Guide

    Biosecurity in Australia: The Complete Guide

    Understand Australia's biosecurity regulations and avoid your cargo being held in quarantine, reexported, or destroyed.
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