• Air and Sea Freight Market Outlook: The Cargo Industry in 2019

    Air and Sea Freight Market Outlook: The Cargo Industry in 2019   The freight industry is constantly evolving. After 30 years of experience in ...
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  • port terminal

    Port Terminal Infrastructure Fees: The Truth Behind The Charges

    With all the costs associated with shipping, it can be hard to understand what your fees cover, whether you can reduce them or not, and understand ...
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  • independent freight forwarder vs multinational forwarder

    Independent Forwarder vs Multinational Forwarder: Which One Should You Choose? 

    When selecting a freight forwarding company, it is important to choose a forwarder who will be attentive to your needs and guide you through your f...
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  • Known Consignor

    Known Consignor in Australia: All You Need To Know

    Known consignor is a popular term on the air cargo world. If you are in the industry, particularly as a regular importer or exporter, you certainly...
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  • Air Cargo Security Changes are Here!

    From 1st March 2019, the Australian Government introduced increased security measures around export air cargo from Australia.  As a result, be...
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