• port terminal

    Port Terminal Infrastructure Fees: The Truth Behind The Charges

    With all the costs associated with shipping, it can be hard to understand what your fees cover, whether you can reduce them or not, and to understa...
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  • freight forwarder international cargo express blog featured image

    Independent Forwarder vs Multinational Forwarder

    Understand the benefits and compare an independent freight forwarder to a multinational forwarder to find which is suitable for your needs.
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  • Known Consignor

    Known Consignor in Australia: All You Need To Know

    Known consignor is a popular term in the air cargo world. If you are in the industry, particularly as a regular importer or exporter, you certainly...
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  • Malaysia Free Trade

    Benefit from the Free Trade Agreement with Malaysia – MAFTA

    Are you importing from Malaysia and currently paying duties on arrival in Australia? Did you know that Malaysia and Australia have a free trad...
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  • Getting Your Head Around Chargeable Weights [With Excel Calculator]

    If you are reading this article you may be wondering what volumetric ratios (or chargeable weights) are and why, as an importer or exporter, they s...
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