• cargo ship

    Freight & Cargo Service Providers in the Australian Market: What Are Your Options in 2021?

    Find out what are the Top 10 Container Shipping Lines and Top 10 Freight Airlines that can service Australia.
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  • two cargo ships sailing

    A Beginner’s Guide to Cross Trade Shipping

    A cross trade is a shipment organised between two countries – none of which the seller is locally based in. They’re also known as foreign-to-foreig...
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  • china trade thumbnail

    China in 2021: What Importers and Exporters can Expect

    China continues to be Australia's largest export market, our primary source of international students, Australia's predominant market for tourism a...
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  • Future Importers and Exporters COVID blog featured image

    What is the Future for Importers and Exporters post-COVID?

    So what’s the future for importers and exporters post-COVID? How will we emerge into a post-pandemic world? We’ll take a look at how industry is cu...
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  • How to Import from Germany into Australia

    How to Import from Germany: Everything You Need to Know

    So how do you import from Germany? Below, we’ve put together a concise guide on everything you need to know about importing from Europe’s strongest...
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