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  • us china trade war

    The US China Trade War – The Impact On Shipping

    What is the US China Trade War? As an importer or exporter you have likely heard of the ongoing US China trade war. As each country takes measures ...
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  • What is ISPM 15 and Why it Matters

    Are you importing timber products? In summary:   Are you importing to Australia on timber pallets or using timber or bamboo dunnage? Have you ...
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  • shipping dangerous goods

    Shipping Dangerous Goods: 5 Things You Need to Know (2019 Update)

    Video Summary   What are Dangerous Goods? When shipping goods internationally it may surprise you to discover that your cargo is classed as da...
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  • landed costs

    All You Need To Now About Landed Costs (With Excel Template)

    What is a landed cost?     A landed cost is the total price of a product or shipment once it has arrived at your doorstep. The landed cos...
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  • Stink Bug Season 2019 – A Complete Review

    Stink Bug Season 2018/2019: A Review     For those of you affected by this 2018-2019 stink bug season you may be breathing a sigh of reli...
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