• import from usa to australia

    The 5 Best Products to Import from the U.S. to Australia

    We’ll look at the nature of the relationship between the U.S. and Australian economies. We’ve put together a list of the 5 best products you can ch...
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  • import permit blog featured image

    Import Permit: What is it and Why You Need One

    An import permit is a document issued to you by the Department in circumstances where you are required by law to have a permit to import certain co...
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  • Exporting to Japan from Australia The Ultimate Guide

    Exporting to Japan from Australia: The Ultimate Guide

    In this guide, we’ll cover all the basics – how you export to Japan, the benefits of exporting there, Australia’s free trade agreement with Japan a...
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  • US Customs Bonds What Are They

    US Customs Bonds: What Are They And Why Do I Need One?

    If you’re importing over $2,500 worth of goods into the United States, you’ll need a U.S. Customs Bond. Here is what you need to know.
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  • Industrial Action At Port Botany Explained What Importers And Exporters Should Know

    Industrial Action At Port Botany Explained: What Importers And Exporters Should Know

    Everything you need to know about shipping container markings, from container numbers and ISO Codes to classifications and cubes.
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